Video auditions

Video auditions are becoming a way of life for actors. In a perfect situation, you’d have a high quality video camera, some great lights, an excellent reader and a great microphone. You could even use a taping service. Don’t let “perfect” be the enemy that keeps you from getting your auditions videoed. There’s lots of advice and video on best-case scenario. I’m sure you can find them, easily. I’m here to show you how to improve the quality of your less than ideal situation.  I have some tips below.

You don’t want your reader’s voice  to overpower yours. This can be an issue when you don’t have a directional mic. Simply, get your reader to stand a little further back from the camera and have them speak softly.

If you’re using your phone or tablet to record, make sure you’re settings are on HD and that the subject is well lit. I recommend a light kit, but if you can’t afford one, try ordering some white paper lanterns. These are great for diffusing light. You can use them to cover most normal sized bulbs. You may be able to use them with lamps that you already have at home. If you search eBay, there are lots of bargain light kits out of Hong Kong. Amazon also has some good deals.

light kit

Get a tripod mount, if you’re using a device that isn’t a normal video camera. This keeps you from having to position your phone/tablet in makeshift ways. These mounts start at about $5 and go up from there.

cell phone tripod mounts

Create a network of people that are willing to help you when you have an audition. Help them out, in return. The more you help others, the better you’ll get at this.

Watch video auditions that have been uploaded on YouTube. Find a standard to aspire to.

Wear clothing that stands out from the background and is in contrast to hair and skin color. I’d avoid white, yellow and red.

Prepare. Even if you can’t afford the best equipment, you do have control over your performance.

Never forget, that all of this is acting. We may create labels that give us varying degrees of pressure, but it’s all just acting. Take advantage of every opportunity to get better and advance your career.

When you get the chance, upgrade your equipment.

Have fun.



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